Why you should select an Animated GIF Photo Booth for your next event?

Posted on January 16, 2018 | By photoboothsupplier

The most interactive and fun booth so far, the Animated GIF Photo Booth is an open-air guest interactive photo booth with cinematic lighting and funky props to pick from, this photo booth revolutionizes the way classic photo booths work.

Clicking multiple pictures together, the booth automatically creates an animated GIF of your pictures and brings them to life instantly. You can switch between poses, props and people to create your own fun story.

This type of photo booth is most famous among the social media generation with just a click you are able to post your GIFs on social media making you the star of the hour. You can also get these multiple pictures printed instantly from the print stations for a more physical feel and memory. This whole process is assisted by an experienced attendant who is there to make sure all goes smoothly and to help the guests with prints and uploads.

GIFs and prints are a great way to promote your brand at your next corporate event and your logo can be incorporated into custom backdrops, photo booth custom wraps and themed props. You can easily access your pictures in an online gallery for easy reference and review.

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