Five things to know before choosing your next Photo Booth

Posted on January 16, 2018 | By photoboothsupplier

Choosing between photo booths is never daunting yet you would like to select the one that works for your event’s theme accurately and provides the maximum entertainment to your guests.

Top 5 things to know before renting a Photo Booth


While selecting a photo booth for your next event its crucial to know whether the venue where you are hosting allows and has space for a photo booth, it can vary depending on a restaurant, hall or private property. It is always a good option to call ahead and confirm with the venue before booking the photo booth.


While most photo booths are compact and take very less space but depending on the type of booth, venue and the number of guests it is important to keep a check of all three. If you go for an open-air photo booth for a wedding, make sure you have enough space at the venue and around the photo booth for people to gather and mingle while they wait.


It is the most important factor when selecting a photo booth, make sure the pictures you receive are HD as these are the cherished memories your guests will take home with them. When in doubt always call ahead and ask for a sample of previous events to make sure you get the best quality.

Custom Designs

For most themed events having custom backdrops, props and photo strips make a picture more personal or for brand activations it is a great way to promote therefore make sure the photo booth you select has that option if your event requires a theme.

Online Gallery

It is always great to have your pictures taken at an event, it is even better to review them the next morning, cracking up at the crazy ones and posting the best ones on Instagram for those likes! Photo booths like social share and hashtag station come with the instant upload feature along with an online gallery but it is always a good idea to confirm before you get one.